Why All-on-4®️ Dental Implants Are Effective

Tooth loss impacts both your oral health and general health. It also affects your smile and confidence. All-on-Four®️ dental implants are an affordable alternative to traditional tooth replacement options such as standard implants, a dental bridge or dentures.

With All-on-4®️, four dental implants are placed at strategic locations in your jawbone to secure your tooth replacement. Each dental implant is secured into your upper or lower jaw to create a full arch of new teeth. Leave the office after your first appointment with a set of temporary teeth that will be replaced after a short time. Your new, permanent teeth are crafted and placed after your mouth has healed. But you will enjoy eating and have renewed confidence with your full smile again right away.

Why All-on-4®️ Dental Implants Are a Good Choice

A better alternative to dentures

Dentures are known to cause wear and erosion to your bone and gum tissue over time. All-on-4®️ dental implants eliminate the risk of tissue and bone loss by being secured directly into your jawbone.

Immediate restoration of tooth function

All-on-4®️ dental implants form new tooth roots. Implants are placed at strategic locations in your jawbone to secure your new teeth. Leave the office with restored tooth function and resume eating right away.

Long-term tooth restoration

Dental implants provide long-term durability for your teeth. All-on-4®️ dental implants will outlast other tooth replacement procedures with fewer risks and issues.

Time-saving procedure

Your All-on-4®️ dental implants are placed while you’re sedated and you’ll receive a temporary set of teeth the same day.

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