I was thrilled that when I called I was able to get an appointment the same day. The office staff was very friendly and professional. I was nervous about the procedure I needed but Dr. Segal assured me and explained everything that needed to be done and the urgency. They were even able to schedule my surgery the next morning. Maryanne was wonderful and spoke with me in the evening to get all my meds called in.



Excellent interactions between the doctor, nurse, office staff and patient. As requested. Dr. Segal kept me informed with the status of how the procedures were progressing and constantly checked to ensure my comfort, greatly diminishing my concerns. Everyone was very professional and courteous. Thank you for making oral surgery so easy on the patient.



Very professional, accomplished, courteous, caring, kind, flexible…a patient will feel confident and comfortable that procedures will go effectively and safely…



I’ve received two dental treatments from Dr. Segal. The first one was two years ago when he performed an oral surgery on my upper right teeth for bone grafting and implants. The second was last Tuesday on July 17. This time he spent two hours on my lower right teeth for bone grafting. From these in-depth experiences, I can tell Dr. Segal is the most caring periodontist with great skills, competence, and compassion. In addition, his staff assistant, Lori, is professional, respectful, and knowledgeable. I feel more than satisfied with my treatments and would like to recommend Dr. Segal to any one with similar needs.



I had my teeth cleaned , and I was very happy with the way I was treated and the professionalism of the staff.



I am a long time patients. Always a great experience.