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Tooth loss can put your oral health at risk. All-on-4®️ dental implants at our Weston, Fort Lauderdale and Plantation dental practices replace your missing teeth and restore your tooth function right away.

Your All-on-Four®️ in Weston, Fort Lauderdale and Plantation cost less than a standard dental implant procedure. All-on-4®️ dental implants in Weston, Fort Lauderdale and Plantation also restore your tooth function faster, and in many instances, within 24 hours of beginning your treatment.

An All-on-Four®️ dental implant procedure creates four new tooth roots where the implants are strategically and individually placed. Your treatment provides full restoration for your tooth function and your appearance most often in the same day.

Schedule an All-on-4®️ consultation in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, or Plantation. Your initial examination will provide you more information about this fast and cost effective tooth replacement solution in Weston, Fort Lauderdale, or Plantation.

What is All-on-4®️ for Missing Teeth Replacement?

All-on-4®️ is a scientifically-proven solution for replacing your loose or missing teeth. With this technique, four dental implants are strategically placed in your mouth to anchor new, permanent teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw. You can expect a restored smile appearance and chewing function with your All-on-4®️ dental implants.

Your All-on-4®️ procedure is most often completed in one appointment. It starts with an initial consultation to discuss your treatment goals, perform an oral exam, take x-rays, and do a 3D scan of your mouth.

The TeethXPress™ Process for Restoring Your Tooth Function and Your Smile


1. Initial Consultation and Treatment Planning

During your initial examination, you will be informed and gain insight into your treatment goals related to tooth replacement. We will take x-rays and a 3D scan of your mouth to determine the health of your bone and gum tissue prior to treatment.

2. During Your Treatment Appointment

You will be sedated during the surgical placement of your all-on-four dental implants. Following a rest and recovery period, your new, temporary teeth will be secured to the four implants, restoring your full tooth function.

3. Restoration of Your Permanent Teeth

In the weeks following placement, your dental implants will adapt to your bone and gum tissue. After a post-operative healing period, final adjustments will be made to your new, permanent teeth, including fit and bite alignment.


Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your initial consultation and examination to discuss your missing teeth and receive more information about All-on-Four®️ dental implants.



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